One of the most problems in computer application is the storage and transmission of images
that makes the field of developing the image compression. For that, various compression methods
have been proposed using different techniques to achieve high compression ratios and high image
quality. One of the image compression methods is transformed based image compression using
integer wavelet transform (IWT), which is the main purpose of this paper. This paper describes an
algorithm of compression and decompression using (IWT). In IWT, we perform all possible
decomposition of an image (i.e. until image size 2×2), after that the resultant coefficients are
arranged according to their impotency using zigzag arrangement and divided on factor related to
their impotency (increase the factor with low impotency), to make low impotency coefficient
related to zero. Remap the values to the range (1.255) (i.e. byte). Then perform lossy or lossless
Run Length Coding (RLC) to construct the codebook of the compressed image. The effects of
different RLC and different initial quantization factor, image contents and compression ratios
assessed. The results provide a good reference for application developers to choose a good wavelet
compression system for their application