The Geographical location of Turkey and its Importance in the Middle East: Geopolitical Study


Throughout history, there were few nations have succeeded in taking advantage of its geographical position, "such as Turkey". On its territory, a number of human civilizations was succeeded. Istanbul was as a center for three of the most powerful empires in the world (Romania, Byzantine, and Ottoman). Turkey occupies a unique status in the Middle East, because it is an important part that cannot be separated from this area geographically, historically and culturally. Turkey has geo-political and geo-economic given facts that political decision makers could exploit and thus transform Turkey into a strong regional contributor and a geopolitical balance factor in the Middle East. Turkey also occupies a central position in transferring energy resources from the Middle East into European markets boosting its strategic rank in the area. Turkey is a political, economical, and social model in the Middle East by means of the "soft power" that have been able to express through economic interactions and the practice of mediation roles in the geographical neighborhood .