Response of Sour Orange Seedlings (Citrus aurantium L.) to Spraying of Compost Extracts


The experiment was conducted in the horticulture station located in Al -Mahaweel / Babylon during the period from 09.15.2012 to 15.05.2013 to study the response of sour orange (Citrus aurantium L.) to seedlings compost extracts. The experiment contained two factors. The first is types of composed extracts (wheat straws, rice residues and mushroom culture residues), the second is concentrations (0, 100, 125 or 166.6) g.L-1 of each extract. Results showed a significant increase in some of the studied parameters plants height,stem diameter, total number of branches, leaf area, leaves content of total soluble carbohydrates and chlorophyll As a result spraying extracts of compost and the concentrations, as well as interaction between the two treatments significant increase to spraying extract mushroom culture residues and the concentrations 166.6 g.L-1 as compared to the control treatment (water only).