Development the management organizeto theMosul University colleges by Value engineering technique


The study seeks to take advantage of the value engineering approach to development the management organize of the Mosul University faculties, the study problem was focus on the development of formations (division, unit), by Estimate the generated value for each formation in order to give shape appropriate to formations according to generated value degree, in addition to addressing the formations destructive of value, has been selected colleges of the Mosul University ( 23) College as a study society, Researcher officially commissioned to conduct the study, the answer hypothesis to the study problems are the formations form not commensurate with the value generated from these formations, As a result the lack of continued scrutiny of the generated benefit level.Has been adoption the content analysis as a method for the study, through access to the data and the official books that relate to organize for all the Mosul University faculties, As well as formal interviews, and the meetings were held with the deans and associate scientific and associate managing in all colleges, also has been used questionnaire for assessing the relative importance of the formations.Has been to take advantage of the value engineering approach to address the problems referred through the application of practical steps supported by analyzes statistical and depending on the fuzzy logic technology, the study has emerged several conclusions, the most important rating formations between division and unity, and to propose merging some formations, and the separation of other and conducting refinement and development of other formations, with a reconsideration of the links between these formations, and re- content functions duties and functions of each formation , a way that ensures removal of duplication and conflict, the study has emerged proposal atypical organizational structure to the management processes for all Mosul university faculties .