Factors Effecting on Congenital malformations in Iraq in 2012


Iraq has became more vulnerable countries of environmental pollution due to wars experienced by the country, as well as the presence of many factories, petrochemical and oil and gas to the ravages of pollution of the environment, this is the direction of the civilized world is now a revolution to combat the effects of pollution, because man is the most expensive creature and kids are the substrate on which depends the development of societies, which must take care of them. It is natural that these factors combined lead to the emergence of many cases of epidemic and deformed births in the research focus has been squarely on the increased birth defects in Iraq in general Amos Kurdistan region through the database provided by the department of the ministry of health and collected for 2012 , factor analysis has been applied to see if by what affects birth defects in Iraq like parents age , chronic diseases of the mother a, parents job maintain exposure to radiation, mother abuse treatment affects pregnancy ,and to find out any provinces clustered early if a certain percentage of the birth of deformed children and showed results close to the provinces despite the divergence of geography and the different customs and traditions, and both Mosual and Anbar are highest on terms of distortions defects.