The Effect of the Fertilization with Different levels of DAP Fertilizer in Phenolic Compounds, Chlorophyll and NPK Contents in Leaves of Calotopis procera


An experiment is carried out by using pots containing 20 kg of slit sand soil collected from one location in Al- Diwania river of Al-Qadisiya province to study the effect of different levels of DAP fertilizer in contents of leaves of Calotopis procera from phenolic compounds, total chlorophyll and (NPK) % .The experiment includes the application of four different levels of DAP fertilizer (100,200,300,400) ((18:46NP) kg DAP ha-1 to tree of Calotopis procera after selecting then at one year age as design (CRD). and three replicates ,the concentration of N,Pand K % the phenolic compounds ( Vanillic acid , Epicatechin, P-coumaric , Ferulic acid, Queretin-3- β-glucoside , Rutin) mg g-1 extract and total chlorophyll in leaves are estimated. LSD at level 0.05 show superior of 400 kg DAP ha-1 level on the other levels ,300 kg DAP ha-1 and 200 kg DAP ha-1 compared with 100 kg DAP ha-1 level. The percentage of phenolic compounds such as are increased Epicatechin (137.18,87.20,48.72)% respectively with significant differences .the consecration of P-coumaric in leaves are increased .percentage at (43.82,85.39,92.13)% to the second, third and the fourth levels as compared with the first level ,the high level of 400 kg DAP ha-1 is superiority N,P and K uptake the percentage at (80.99,155.00,65.38) % compared with the first level.