French intellectuals and the Algerian revolution 1954- 1962 manifestation of support and assistance to the issues of fair


Algerian Revolution of 1954-1962 had the support and assistance and support unless affixed to any other revolution in the world, and make it unique to this state of discrimination from other revolutions witnessed by contemporary history. As they left their mark in the process of liberation and emancipation record in the world. In the midst of this conflict, France was working to harness all the means in order to beautify the ugly image and its heinous crimes. And to some extent it succeeded in recruiting numbers of symbols of French society to defend its policy orientations in Algeria to deceptively French and international public opinion to justify their criminal acts in Algeria. However, the masses of intellectuals opposed what is happening in Algeria, and has worked to raise awareness of French society from the excesses of what is going on and criminal acts in Algeria. The research focuses on the study of the conditions and atmosphere that animated the French intellectuals to support and the support of the Algerian revolution.