The Image of Simile Devices as used by Ibn Zyiadun


The study sheds light on the term, "Image of Simile" as used by the famous Andalusian poet, Ibn Zyiadun. He was fascinated by the extremely rich nature of Andalusia so he began depicting poetic and artistic pictures in which simile was so effective .However , this showed how an acute , skillful the poet was in depicting the mental and sensual aspects. The descriptive, analytical method was used in the present study. After contemplating the poet's collection of poems or Diwaan, we noticed that the poet relied on his sense and quite sensitive taste while depicting his images of simile. We concluded, then, that simile was an important device the poet used altogether with other sense devices. The image of simile given was expressive of what the poet had of feelings towards his surrounding in nature. As a poet, Ibn Zyiadun was known for his widely use of sense devices. He variously used them so as to show the aesthetic effect they had on the structure of sentences in which they were used.