The Intellectual product published in Diyala Journal of Agricultural


The study aims at investigating the intellectual product published in Diyala Journal of Agricultural Sciences between2009 -2015concerning the authors and topics. The quantitative method was used in this study. The study reached at the following result. The number of researches published was 396. The number of researches written in Arabic was 358 which constitutes 90.40 % while the number of researches in English was 38 which is 09.60 %. The number of authors was 755 for single-and co-author researches. The number of researches in specialized in agronomy is 268 which is 67.68 % while the researches with livestock production and biology is 128 which is 32.32 %. The study recommended encouraging the researchers to publish their intellectual product in this Journal for supporting it financially and morally as well as publishing a comprehensive volume for researchers not to repeat previously discussed researchers. This volume can be published every three or four years.