Synthesis and Characterization of new 3-(4-acetylphenyl) -2- (4- nitrophenyl) thiazolidin-4-one derivatives


The present research work describes the synthesis of new heterocyclic compounds using 4-nitro benzaldhyde react with 4-amino acetophenone to afford 1(4-(4nitro benzylidene amino)phenyl) ethanon copm.(1). Mercapto acetic acid reacts with comp.(1) in dry benzene afford 3(4-acetyl phenyl)-2-(4-nitro phenyl)thiazolidin 4-one copm.(2), comp.(2)allowed to react with different aldehydes namely :4-bromo benzaldhyde ;2-Chloro benzaldehyde to give the corresponding chalcones (3,4),the latter compounds react with hydrazine hydrate 99% and phenyl hydrazine to give the pyrazole derivatives (5,6,7,8). Thiouurea and urea react with chalcones (3,4) to give the thiazine and oxazine derivatives respectively (9,10,11,12), hydroxylamine hydrochloride react with chalcones(3,4) in ethanol to afford isooxazole derivatives (13,14). All compounds were confirmed by their FT-IR Spectrum ,Elemental analysis ,1H-NMR Spectrum for some them and melting point