Prophecy in the Jewish faith perspective )Objective study(


(Abstract) Prophecy, the Jews had another concept, does not limit to choosen from God, but expands to include all of the claims to prophethood of priests and magicians and liars, The word prophet in the eyes of the Jews view has abroad meaning, That included the prophets who were chosen by God to his message, in order to repair case Also those, who were of magicians, astrologer & hypocrites, and others Here we have seen many names of the prophets mentioned in the Torah & others some of them mentioned the Koran The Jewish divided their prophets into two parts: the first one is major prophats such as: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel; the second one is young prophets like Hosea and Amos, and Greece, They claim that ” the prophecy began to Moses and ended Bmlakhi, but what was before Moses such as of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, call them parents or patriarchs” this division isnot correct, because all the prophets an equal & there is no young or major phrophets.