Plugging Braking of Two-PMSM Drive in Subway Applications with Fault-Tolerant Operation


The Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) is commonly used as traction motors in the electric traction applications such as in subway train. The subway train is better transport vehicle due to its advantages of security, economic, health and friendly with nature. Braking is defined as removal of the kinetic energy stored in moving parts of machine. The plugging braking is the best braking offered and has the shortest time to stop. The subway train is a heavy machine and has a very high moment of inertia requiring a high braking torque to stop. The plugging braking is an effective m ethod to provide a fast stop to the train. In this paper plugging braking system of the PMSM used in the subway train in normal and fault-tolerant operation is made. The model of the PMSM, three-phase Voltage Source I nverter (VSI) controlled using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation technique (SVPWM), Field Oriented Control method (FOC) for independent control of two identical PMSMs and fault-tolerant operation is presented. Simul ink model of the plugging braking system of PMSM in normal and fault tolerant operation is proposed using Matlab/Simulink software. Simulation results for different cases are given.