Adaptive OFDMA Resource Allocation using Modified Multi-Dimension Genetic Algorithm


A considerable work has been conducted to cope with orthogonal frequency division multipleaccess (OFDMA) resource allocation with using different algorithms and methods. However, most ofthe available studies deal with optimizing the system for one or two parameters with simple practicalcondition/constraints. This paper presents analyses and simulation of dynamic OFDMA resourceallocation implementation with Modified Multi-Dimension Genetic Algorithm (MDGA) which is anextension for the standard algorithm. MDGA models the resource allocation problem to find theoptimal or near optimal solution for both subcarrier and power allocation for OFDMA. It takes intoaccount the power and subcarrier constrains, channel and noise distributions, distance between user'sequipment (UE) and base stations (BS), user priority weight – to approximate the most effectiveparameters that encounter in OFDMA systems. In the same time multi dimension genetic algorithm isused to allow exploring the solution space of resource allocation problem effectively with its differentevolutionary operators: multi dimension crossover, multi dimension mutation. Four important casesare addressed and analyzed for resource allocation of OFDMA system under specific operationscenarios to meet the standard specifications for different advanced communication systems. Theobtained results demonstrate that MDGA is an effective algorithm in finding the optimal or nearoptimal solution for both of subcarrier and power allocation of OFDMA resource allocation