The resolution of the Abbasid caliphs and their children on the invocation of science and learning


(Abstract)The theme of the Abbasid Caliph and their children great interest in the knowledge and effective not only in the history of civilization but in the history of the humanity and the sublime values. Their interest and care for the scholar ulamaa and rendering help and encouragement by their caliphs were keen for science and knowledge because whatever the scholars have a status they cannot give help without and knowledge and the practice of their role in the interest and the care.The Holy Quran is regarded as source of the science. The Abbasid Caliphs had a role with the scientists and the scholars who were abide to the teachings of the prophet peace be upon him in maintaining the treasures which Islamic has come up with them. These are the scientists and the wealth which included various branches of knowledge and fields, and what they got from other civilizations and their desire to learn. This created a state of continuation and harmony between the Abbasid era and the previous ones as far as the care for science is concerned.The Caliphs’ interest in science and scholars was continual along ages, we find that when Caliphate shifted to the Umayyad they continued the mission of those before them in the field of learning and education even though the beginning of the Umayyad era witnessed turmoil