Histopathological Study of Infection with Parasitic Intestinal Helminthes on Passer domesticus in Tikrit City, Iraq


During the period from September 2013 till the end of July 2014, a total of 340 birdsPasser domesticus were collected . The study revealed in exam the sectional tissue of intestine in infected birds which showed a high effect compared with the uninfected birds . These effects were summarized by the destruction in most of intestinal villi and atrophy of others which appeared as webby filaments with each other and their cells have cubidal form and there were a cystic structure of parasite in the lamina propria . Their cells were compacted forming a high vacuole from the basal membrane surrounding these glands . The lumen of intestine is fuelled by the epithelial cells and Red blood cells . The pathological changes were found to depend on number and size of parasites and present of hooks , Occurrence of the histological changes was therefore often Synchronised with hosts that infective with all species of parasites