Current Status And Prospective Studies Landscape University Of Kufa


Kufa University Is Alive Educational Campus Its Landscape Plan Verificate The OfAesthetic, Environmental And Functional Benefit And This Is What Lacks In Most OfThe Kuf University Landscape. A Sanctuary , As There Is A Clear Knowledgeia Mental Insufficiency For The Criterion And Designing Considerations That Must Be Available And Adopted In The Design OfThe External Spaces. The Current Study Considers The Development OfThe Landscape OfThe University OfKufa Location. The Research Methodology Represented In The Theoretical Framework That Includes Three Chapters Deal With The Concepts And Basic Variables Research, Wheras The First Chapter Addressed Deals With The Definition OfThe Concept OfLand Scapes And The Concept The University And Study OfThe Universities Design Patterns As Well As Natural And Synthetic Designing Components. While The Second Chapter Has Dealt With The Most Important Design Considerations That Affecting It. The Thrid Chapter Included The Practical (Field Study) Framework Has Which Adopted The Style OfThe Critical Analysis OfThe Reality OfThe Landscape Event OfKufa University That Included The Analysis And Application OfIndicators Derived Fro The Theoretical Framework. Also The Adoption OfThe Style In Collecting OfInformations Through Personal Interviews And Architectural Plans For The Study Location. In Addition To A Questionnaire Been Designal To A Random Sample Representing Users Of Landscapes. A Questionnaire Results Showed That The Design Achieves Environmental And Social Aspects Affecting The Attendance By Users In The University Campus. OtherActivites Such As Seatings And Leasure, Reading, Walking. The Attendance Prefered The Plant Diversity, Different Landscape Levels.