Falling Oil Prices And Coexistence With Shock :Study In The Pattern Of Oil Rents


Oil prices slip below half, boosted impasse oil countries, especially with the entry of a wave of landing its second year and the continued austerity and borrowing programs for these countries. It seems that, the expected oil prices for the coming year difficult work. Because of the complexity dominant on the world oil markets recently. Several reasons, besides the oversupply, contributed to the deterioration of the prices, the most important of slowing global economic growth due to the weakness of China's economy and a number of emerging economies and the direction of the compass OPEC towards market shares rather than target prices, as well as reduced concerns over geopolitical factors that may hamper the supply of oil from the leading exporters in the Middle East to global oil markets. It is likely that the low level of oil prices continue, and then will be on the oil-exporting countries to Promoting reform programs and economic diversification and correct the spending and revenue policies to ensure the sustainability of public finances and justice between generations


Oil prices, OPEC