Measure the impact of the strategic direction in the management of organizational change


The goal of current research to measure the impact of the strategic orientation in the management of organizational change in Zain Iraq Telecommunications Company for the purpose of achieving the goal of the research, it has been a questionnaire to collect data design and then distributed to the research sample consisting of (39) Mbhotha selected Qsidia in various management positions within Zain Iraq Telecommunications, has the researcher using the statistical program (SPSS) for statistical analysis and unloading of statistical data, and research found to a set of conclusions was that the most important Zain Iraq Telecom has been able through the strategic orientation set by the lead to change acceptable in the company, despite of the process of change is not easy but it has been able to create a good atmosphere in order to achieve the purpose of a change, either the most important recommendations of the research was to develop skills and provide a vision and a clear strategy and enhance the company's message through unique characteristics that can be for the company surveyed that are characterized by from other companies so as to achieve the objectives of the