The impact of Lean Manufactring slim pillars in strengthening the company's competitive advantage


search focuses on the idea of president of the effect that achieve the requirements of consumers at the same cost of products and quality suitable realized through the adoption of modern methods and systems that will maintain the environmental sustainability requirements and increase whereby the intensity of competition between industrial organizations, which it requires to adopt modern methods and systems in the manufacturing in order to address these environmental challenges and are these tactics lean manufacturing slim, stems importance of research being dealt with methods that would preserve the natural environment and provide low-cost products while maintaining the quality of the products, which leads to maximize profits, has been developed hypotheses achieve its purposes and orientations And distributed (80) form the managers and employees of the company studied and recovered (70) of which were tested hypotheses using correlation analysis and contrast for the diagnosis of correlations and effect between the studied variables, the research found a set of conclusions, most notably "The employees of the company studied attach great Ahtemtema the foundations of agile manufacturing in order to enhance the competitiveness of their company, as well as providing a range of recommendations including the need to be the pillars of slim manufacturing a priority the for company studied administration, especially in light of the shift towards a globalized economy and rapid development of technology, which requires attention to this modern technology because of its effects in the work of organizations and their growth and survival and continuity