Natural Language Processing Using Natural Language Toolkit


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an application field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It refers to all processes that applied to text such as: tokenization, stemming, lemmatizing, and other operations. In this paper, NLP applied to English text in order to find Part Of Speech POS tagging that corresponding to the English sentence by using NLTK. The first part of any machine translation system is NLP. The source language text must be processed by applying NLP tools to produce good translation. In order to simplify the most widely used NLP operations, the built _ in toolkits has been produced. They provide modules and libraries that are easy to use and apply NLP operations. Using NLTK as an NLP tool recorded accuracy ratio of 70% , with the test cases have been selected randomly. The system has been implemented on PC with WINDOWS8.1 using Python programming language.