Bit error probability curve for BPSK in ISI channel with MMSE equalizer


Theory coding is methods to study for effective and exact transfer the information from point to another point. This theory had been advanced for example many applications as to decreasing the noise from received signal, when the transmission of most information in telephone line, information transfer from terminal (computer) to another terminal or from any memory to the main processor and data transmission from transmitter such as satellite communication which led images of Saturn earth. A channel is mien physical medium which the data or (information) transmission. Disturbances undesirable called noise. This noise caused the differ the information signal from the transmitted data. Noise may be caused folds in a tap magnetic, telephone competing messages, sunspots, meteor showers, lightning, radio random disturbance or other many things.In my paper I used the MATLAB program to simulations over AWGN channel by using BPSK modulation scheme I notice when used more tap point I get the decreases for bit error rate and this method one of theory coding deals with problem of correcting and detecting error transmission caused by noise in channel. In practice, we has over this noise that mast choice of good a channel to use the transmission data (information) and to used variable noise filters to combatable certain type of interference may be cannot be controlled.