Tools for classification and organization of digital content in the Internet environment: 1 - Taxonomy


The study aims, to identify with the most important classification tools of the digital content in the internet environment [Taxonomy]. That comply with the wishes of the developers of sites to improve access to information, through the relations among themselves, especially with the growing of Web 2 applications. Which contributed significantly to the increase in digital content as well as the diversity of content on this text, image, audio and video level. And the study concluded that the classification in the digital environment is based mainly on the availability of sites Availability of implied options specific objective and divisions enables the publisher of digital content, from the position classification fits with the type and characteristics of digital content that purports published and made available through the Internet. And stop the efficiency of the classification process in the digital environment on the web site developers the ability to provide a comprehensive and objective rankings hierarchical format, as well as the skill content publishers to choose suitable ones.