Related to the weight of the body center of some Albaiukinmetekih and accuracy variables skill Reception Transmitter with volleyball players


The reception skill is the main key to the game of volleyball as the weakness in the transmitter receiver directly affect the outcome of the game, because this skill is a skill that needs to be well-timed as the time and place of receiving the ball and since every receiver movement starts dropping off the weight of the body center in the primitive section the movement and the rise in the main section of the researcher believes that this variable directly related Bzhoya body of work and the transfer of this relationship into a ball and the latter connected to the player prepared any accuracy that the weight of the body center is one of the variables that it interacts inner strength external force and lead the movement up and down, since the researcher one practitioners of this game, believes that the defensive operation and receive the ball to a team is very important and that any weakness in this skill have a significant impact on the offensive with the players as we have said previously and found it Alzerora pay attention and stop to this problem, and it was a goal research is to: - identify some variables Albaiukinmetekih values skill transmitter receiver to sample - and to identify the relationship between the weight of the body center and some Albaiukinmetekih and accuracy variables skill transmitter receiver to sample - and learn about the relationship between some of the variables Albaiukinmetekih between them and precision skill transmitter receiver to sample.And be a community research (7) players club Ranya Sports Volleyball for the year (2013) if the researcher sample selection Btriqih intentional, the researcher used the video camera with a speed of (210) Image / sec, while the most important conclusions reached were as follows:- The center of gravity of the body has nothing to do with accuracy.- The weight of the body center has a strong relationship with some Albaiukinmatkih variables including (shoulder angle and hip and knee).- That all of Zawya shoulder, knee and hip related variables including ball rebound angle.