Relationshipanalysis ofthe relationship betweensomeBiomechicsvariablesand the level oftechnical performanceofthe skill ofthe straightrearairsummersaultwitha rolland a halfArabunprecedentedleapon the tablegroundmovements


Came the importance of research in the use of modern techniques and computer automated PHP kinetic analysis in the diagnosis of performance on sound scientific and technical foundations are even getting accurate data may help to organize and direct the training process by revealing strengths and weaknesses and give the necessary treatment. The research aims to: identify the relationship between the technical performance and some Biomechicsvariables for performance stages movement summersault aerodynamic rear straight with a roll and a half Arab unprecedented leap in floor movements. The most important conclusions: no significant relationship between the variables and some Biomechicsplanar technical performance of the skill of the straight rear air summersault with a roll and a half Arab unprecedented leap in floor movements. The researcher recommended: emphasize the importance of rapid advancement of horizontal primary for its positive impact on the Hzta build and pay for reducing the decrease in kinetic energy values increase to reduce the stage of advancement of time and emphasis on locomotor rhythm in good lengths steps to lift the motor transport index.