Hardening (WC-Co) alloys by Nitrogen ions with different energies


In this study, the calculation of Frenkel pairs generated as a result of irradiation of (Tungsten Carbide – Cobalt) alloys with nitrogen ions to different ratios of cobalt concentration, The value of radiation doses were(3.7 X〖10〗^19- 1.5X〖10〗^21 N/〖cm〗^2).The hypothetical irradiation was made using nitrogen ions with different energies between (120-180 keV) and a special program was written in "fortran power station 90" to obtain the theoretical results.According to this study,it was found that increasing in nitrogen ions energy causes increase of T(Max) and decreasing in Frenkel pairs generated by nitrogen ions from the range (120-180)keV, and the best increase was at energy (120keV)in tungsten and limited increase in other two types of atoms ( carbon and cobalt) ,because it's affected by another factors such as changing in temperatures and the ratios of cobalt concentration . These Frenkel pairs are generating dislocations and deformations in crystal lattice which in turn lead to an increase the hardness of these alloys.