Recognize the Sex of date palm Using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and some Traditional and ChemicalMethods


In an attempt for early detection of date palm gender, the current study was conducted using some traditional methods (direction of seed germination and the shape of the leaves) and DNA marker by using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic(RAPD),The ، initiator that used were ( OPB07, OPC09, OPC13, OPD10, OPD20, OPE04, OPK18, OPN17 and OPX04).The results of initiator OPD10 polymerization showed that the number of total package reached 118package, and the number of disparate packages 6 packages and a number of similar packets numbered 112 package,molecular weight of 143 base pairs appeared in six female out of the total seven female (85.71 %) did not appear in all varieties and that was a positive indicator thus the initiator was filtered to make a unique indicator of sex varieties of dates on the palm Iraqi RAPD level indicators.Percentage of similarity between the arched leave seedling and female group was 71.4% and the genetic similarity between the arched leave seedling and mother (Berhi) was (83.3%) and it is likely that this gesture be female tree. The chemical analysis showed thatno differences were found in the seedling qualityof date palm with straight leave seedling and with arched leave seedling content of protein , proline and peroxidase enzyme