Synthesis of Ciprofloxacin Prodrug Chitosan


In this research a new prodrug polymer was prepared by reaction of ciprofloxacin as acyl chloride derivative with chitosan as amino. Polysaccharide gave new excellent biological properties and biomedical amide polymer Which could have potential use as a carrier for drug delivery system with ciprofloxacin formulation and evaluation of sustained release of ciprofloxacin prodrug chitosan was studied through amide attachment bond. It has been evaluated for all the necessary parameters like concentration variation and in vitro drug release had been conducted successfully, when in contact with acidic gastric content and release from the dosage as in the stomach-controlled condition. The prepared prodrug polymer was characterized by FTIR spectroscopy ,and UV spectroscopy ,physical properties were determined and intrinsic viscosity was measured .The good results were obtained as sustained release to prevent any side effect of ciprofloxacin with broad spectrum antibiotic . The biological assay was conducted for prepared prodrug using. The microorganism such as E.coli, staphylococcus aurous, the prepared prodrug appear high biological activity, compared with standard gentamycin.