The Antimicrobial Effect of Commercial Available Local Brand of Toothpastes Against Some Dental Caries Microorganisms


The present study was designed to choice the best toothpaste , were using every day to reduce proliferation microorganisms in mouth as well as bad smell of mouth because of presenting microorganism in mouth and were found food between teeth . The antimicrobial activity of seven different toothpastes Emoform, Colgate, Signal , Crest , Sanino, Close up & Sensodyne were evaluated on some pathogenic oral microorganisms : Streptococcus mutans, Micrococcus spp., Proteus vulgaris Staphylococcus aureus & Candida albicans. After wash the volunteers teeth with toothpaste, Emoform toothpaste was more effect than another type by killing of all type of bacteria. The antimicrobial activity was performed by using agar well diffusion method demonstrate that the Emoform toothpaste its more effect than another types. the diameter of inhibition zone was (30, 25, 23, 31, 27 and 35 mm) against C. albicans, S.aureu, Str. Mutans ,Micrococcus spp, P. vulgaris , S. epidermidis and B. subtilis respectively. In conclusion the antimicrobial activity of Emoform, Colgate , Crest were better than Sanino, Sansodyne and Close up.