An Efficient Steganography Model Using Video Compression and Image Steganography


A process of hiding the secret information in the cover media (i.e. image, audio, video, etc.) is called as Steganography, these cover media suffer from different problems that effect on their efficiency and performance such as the capacity of cover media. This paper overcome this problem and provide a method for embed secret image into videos which provide high security with computing speed, and without producing visible changes, which reduce the size of the cover video image clip before hiding secret color image (BMP format) in it, this method applied discrete wavelet transform (DWT) on the frames resulted from the video image, which produced LL, HH, LH, HL bands. Block based algorithm used to hide the secret information or image in the random selected LL frame, where a video can be viewed as a sequence of still images (frames) and the secret image are inserted in these frames. This method depends on searching for the similarity among the hiding data blocks and others in the cover image.Then construct the compressed video clip containing secret data. in the other side the receiver used inverse discrete wavelet transform (IDWT) after cutting the compressed video into frames to done the decompression process on it ,then extract the secret image from the stego frame .Finally construct the uncompressed video.Mean Square Error(MSE), Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) and average difference(AD)are used to measure the quality of the compressed cover frame image and stego image, also compression ratio(C.R) are calculated between the original video clip image and stego-compressed video clip image, which show a very good result ,this system implemented using Visual basic.6 programming language


C.R, AD, PSNR, DWT, IDWT, Steganography