The Role of Television in Solving the Problem of Ignorance in the Arab Homeland


Twentieth century is considered to be the age of digital development and the development of the communication techniques in all its forms including television. The advantage of using T.V in learning children and adults has been taken Previously and lately. Despite the development of producing educational T.V programs in most countries, but the interest in such programs did not take its chance. The educational lessons and programs were not fully supported in order to be the effective popular programs in resolving the problems of education, especially the problem of ignorance. The reason is to improve the level of education, health and economic for the uneducated young people in order to make them effective social members, therefore this study aims at:- Identifying the role of television in solving the problem of ignorance.- Identifying the ability of the directing the T.V programs for the problem of ignorance in provoking the ignorant to learn reading and writing.Two samples of T.V programs for solving the problem of ignorance, namely; the Moroccan production T.V program "Iqraa wa Ta'alam" and the Iraqi production T.V program "Haya Lil Ma'rifa", were analyzed. The researchers concluded the following points:1- The educational T.V program lessons against ignorance helps in spreading the cultural and national and social awareness that corresponds with the aims of the country that produces such programs.2-The variant educational lesson, that includes various items, provoke the young people to learn more than in the traditional lesson.3- The shortage of the concrete and spiritual support for producing the educational T.V programs.4- The shortage of the media and advertisement coverage of the this type of program.5-Th style of directing the educational T.V program lessons must differ from that of the traditional lesson in the school because dealing with topics on T.V differs from reality.