The Effect of Angular velocity of Reticle on the Optical Modulation Transfer Function


In this paper it has been design a Reticle with Dual-Pattern RDP by using Auto-Cad program as. RMP is a circular disc which has a radius R equal to 6 cm, consists of two patterns. The first pattern (r=6 cm) is divided to 60 transparent and 60 opaque sectors (q). Thesecond pattern(r=3 cm) is divided to 15 transparent and 15 opaque sectors. To explain the impact of changing angular velocity, it has been a set up circuitry for using the photodiode. The results obtained by establishment of a special program named “Reticle withDual-Patterns RDP “using the language Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 contains many parameters. This paper proposed a new method to generate wide range frequencies by control the angular velocity of reticle RDP by the motor, and it is very important to get the properfrequency detector. The results obtained showed that reticle RDP work with high performance when the value of MTF still maintain fixed rates, also the optimal value of MTF is obtained at low chopping frequency.