The Attitude of Oil Press towards Oil Industry in the World: OAPEC Bulletin between 2011 and 2012 as a Sample.


This research deals with attitude of oil press towards oil industry in the world and the extent of their concerns with the stages of oil industry relating to the abundance of oil and natural gas, as it is an international strategic and complementary industry. The researcher uses the survey method for content analysis of initial article and the press news for two :years (2011-2012). The results if the study are as follows 1- Oil press is concerned with developing and the stages of Arabic oil industry in the interest of OAPEC in the first place. 2- It is concerned with exploring, extracting, and marketing oil in the first place, then with refining operations in refineries and petrochemical plants in the second place, and finally with the stage of collection and transportation.3- In spite of oil press’ interests in oil industry, it must be concerned with the universal equal coverage for all the stages of this industry.