study the prevalence of sarcoptic mange mite on native sheep in Diyala governorate


This study was aimed to demonstrate the prevalence of mange mite Sarcoptes scabiei infection on native breed of sheep in several regions of Diyala province which involved ( Al- muradia , Al-saadia Beni-saad ,Jedidaalshatt ) during the period from September 2012 toJune 2013. Atotal of 960 animals examined the infection rate was reached 22.50% , the Beni-saad region show the highest infected rate 47.22% while the lowest rate was recorded in ,Jedidaalshatt region 12.51 % with significant difference between regions p p<0.0 5 .In regard to the months of the study there were a clear significant difference between the regions p<0.0 5 with the highest rate has been recorded in February which was 45.9 % while the lowest rate in June 4.41%. Almost the dray mange mite infected wool less areas , the head region show the highest rate 84.72% compared to other body less wool regions and it was absent in belly and fat tail regions.