Analysis of the Causal Relationship between the Financial Infrastructure and Foreign Investments in Malaysia and Indonesia 1990-2013


The developed financial infrastructure is one of the most important elements for achieving stable financial system in a country. The importance of developed financial infrastructure comes from its role in create economic and financial context attractive for foreign investments. Thus, this paper aims first to measure an index of financial infrastructure, and secondly, to gauge the nexus between the developed financial infrastructure and foreign investments inflow in Malaysia and Indonesia. We estimate the index of financial infrastructure by using different indicators such as (the institutional environment, access to finance, legal environment, and others).By using the Granger causality test the paper found that the index of financial infrastructure directly causes the inflow of foreign direct investment in Malaysia. In contrast, the index of financial infrastructure indirectly causes the inflow of foreign investments in case of Indonesia, and this is due to the direct influence of financial infrastructure on economic growth.