Study The Effect of Puri ed Goat Milk Lactoferrin on HeLa Cancer Cell line Growth In vitro


Lactoferrin is an important protein in many biological applications as a potential cancer treatment agent .In this study, lac- toferrin was puri ed from goat colostrum by Ion exchange chromatography by using CM-Sephadex G-150 column and gel ltration by using Sephadex G-200 column .To evaluted its ability as anticancer agent the study utilized an in vitro evalua- tion for the cytotoxic effect of the puri ed goat milk lactoferrin (gLf) on two cell lines, HeLa (Human cervical cancer) cell line and Rat Embryo Fibroblast (REF) cell line at different concentrations and different exposure time of treatment. The puri ed gLf concentrations ranging (19.53 to 5000) μg/ml for 24,48 and 72 hours. The effect of gLf was evaluated by employing MTT assay. The results revealed signi cant cytotoxic effect at levels (P<0.05) for all concentrations and for all exposure time of gLF on HeLa cell line as compared to untreated control cells, The inhibition rate IR% increased with raising of gLF concentra- tion and incubation period The highest inhibitory growth was at the concentration ( 5000 μg/ml) after 72hrs of exposure time (64.38%) ,while only the highest concentration gave signi cant inhibitory effect (P< 0.05) with normal cell REF .