Thermo physical proparties of aqueous solution for water and some alcohols at 298 .15 K


Through Isopiestic method Was discussed in this study solutions for homogenous interactions of water with alcohols (2-Decanol,2-octanol,2-hexanol and cyclohexanol ) at 25 c° . Been observed that interactions of water with cyclohexanol more if larger compared with alcohols which have been selected in this study , whereas interactions of water in alcohols increased with increasing the activity of water . The value of Hernys constant for the reaction 2-hexanol with water is much lower so calculated values of molality osmotic coefficients for the reaction of water with alcohol reaction is low and decrease with increasing molality of the mixture . The positive values of excess Gibbs energy of maxing water with alcohols(ΔmixGE) through a strong interference between water molecules and alcohols 2-Decanol,2-octanol,2-hexanol and cyclohexanol .