Synthesis and Identification of Some hetr0cyclic Derivatives compounds of aniline and substituted and Evaluation their Biological Activity


This study involved the preparation of series of 2- amino benzothiazole and the derivatives (6-bromo-2- amino benzothiazole and 4,6- di chloro -2- amino benzothiazole) from(aniline, 4-bromo aniline and 4,6- di chloro aniline) . These compounds were reacted with different aromatic aldehyde to get a series of Schiff bases . 2- amino benzothiazole and derivatives were reacted with hydrazine hydrate to prepare the benzothiazole hydrazine . These compounds were characterized chemically by measuring the melting points, and characterized (FT-IR), (H1-NMR) techniques. Then the biological activity of some compounds were studied .