Effect of sweet almond ( Prunus dulcis) extract in viability of promastigote of Leishmania donovani in vitro


To reach a natural treatment free from any side effects that can occur with chemical medicines used in the treatment of Leishmania donovani , this study was conducted by taking sweet almond extract ( Prunus dulcis) with concentration 30%, 60%, 90% and its adding to Leishmania in addition working control tube and exposing the parasite to that extract at one minutes time and 120 minutes and the result was activated the parasites that exposed to extract at one minutes time and inhibited it at 120 minutes time . Statistical analysis with T-test with level P < 0.05 was used which proved the existence of significant differences of the effect of sweet almond extract on the parasite of leishmaniasis .Thus, conclusion of the study that the leishmaniasis parasite untreated with the extract (control) needs to certain conditions or certain operation for growth and reproduction , and the sweet almond extract has influence of opposite or private mechanical include stimulate the vitality and then inhibition it . There is a certain concentration of the extract that may be more effective than other concentrations of the same extract in an inhibiting the vitality of Visceral Leishmaniasis , where the increasing of concentration or its decreasing about the specified limit may adversely affect on the result of working the extract.