Spectral and Theoretical Studies for Number Charge Transfer Complexes Derived From Schiff Bases with Acceptors ( DNB,TNP)


The study contained prepared Schiff bases (4-Bromobenzyldene-4-Nitroaniline, 4-Methoxybenzyldene-4-Bromo aniline, 4_Tolubenzyldene-4-Nitroaniline,4-Nitrobenzayldene-4-Nitroaniline, 4_Nitrobenzyldene-4-Aminoaniline),and prepared charge transferecomplexes from reaction that bases with some electron acceptor (DNB,TNP) in temperature (100C ), Chem-Office program used in the theoretical study of the prepared bases ,the two acceptor in order to confined physical variables of theses bases and comparing the resulted experimental programmer for bases and acceptor preparing and found The parameters and Compare these result with result the study included finding that some structural charges and orbitals energy (LUMO),(HOMO) ,Electronic chemical potential(