The Effect of Treated of Chard Plant Powder(Beta vulgaris var.Cicla)and Ethanolic Extract on Levels of Glucose and Liver Enzymes in Local Male Rabbit


The Chard(Beta vulgaris L. cicla) has been analyses for the main phytochemical composition , the quantitative contents of phenolic compounds were (1592±11.015)mg/100g , Flavonoids(10.833±0.611)% , while amount of chlorophyll extraction by methanol was(35.573±2.069) μg/g.also the moisture content , total soilds , fat ,carbohydrate , ash , fiber, total protein and the energy value were estimation with important amount of essential elements estimated by atomic absorpition include(K , Na , Ca , Fe , Mg , Zn , Ni , Mn , Pb , Cr , Co , Cd and N).The effect of chard plant powder and ethanolic extract were carried out on the levels of glucose and liver enzymes(AST,ALT,ALP)of adult male rabbits , this animals were divided into seven groups each group contain seven animals which include(C: As control group treated only vegetable oil)(G1,G2,G3: orally treated chard plant powder with(100,75,50) mg/kg/day)(G4,G5,G6: orally treated ethanolic extract with(10,20,30) mg/kg/day).The result indicated there was significant decreased at levels of glucose in all groups compared with control group .also there was significant decreased at levels of (AST)in groups treated with Chard plant powder,while groups treated with ethanolic extract showed significant increased compard with control group.While the levels of(ALT,ALP) the result indicated there was significant decreased compared with control group .