Effect of Reinforcement with Kenaf Fibers on Some Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Resin


This research was focused on study the effect of reinforcement by natural kenaf Fibers and when treated with alkali solution of sodium hydroxide with (0.5) Normality and with fiber volume fraction of 5% on the unsaturated polyester resin (UPE). Composite has been prepared by hand lay-up molding at room temperature. The results showed the strengthening of the matrix material with fibers and after treatment with alkali solution led to an increase with 67.4% of impact strength value and 9.43 % of hardness value and 34.6% of compressive strength value of composite compared with 36.4% of impact strength value and 2.37 % of hardness value and 11.47 % of compressive strength value of untreated kenaf fiber composite and pure unsaturated polyester resin due to the alkali treatment which acts on cleaning the surface from impurities and then its reflect on the value of mechanical properties of composite material.