Fuzzy RED to Reduce Packet Loss in Computer network


Congestion is the most important and greatest challenge that facing the transmission of data packets process. There are many sites, it is possible that the network congestion occurs as network devices (e.g. routers and switches, etc...) as well as transmission medium between network devices. There are a numerous of mechanisms to control congestion in routers. Random early detection algorithm (RED) is one of the most known mechanisms of control on the routers queues in order to reduce the proportion of the loss of packets. Random Early Detection algorithm is considered one of the active queue management. This paper uses random early detection algorithm to control the queues routers where the queues has been controlled by one of intelligent methods (fuzzy logic). The proposed method has used four parameters, which are the length of the queue rate, the rate of change in the queue and the rate of delay as inputs for fuzzy system and the dropping probability as output. The practical part has been done using object-oriented programming