Effect of Addition Reclaimed Rubber on Some Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester


The aim of this research is the use of Reclaimed Rubber as Reinforcement Material by simple method. The composite Material was prepared by adding different percent from the powder of Reclaimed Rubber (0 – 25) % to study the effect of this material on some properties of polyester. The tests are used in this research (hardness, impact force , bending strength, tensile strength, modulus and strain). The results have showed that decreased hardness (from 34.9 to 28.9) shoreD, and increased impact force (from 0.2 to 0.79) Joule, and also increase bending strength(from 60.1 to 120.7)Mpa ,increase tensile strength (from 27.052 to 32.5)Mpa, raised modulus (from33.73 to 77.38)Mpa and decrease strain (from 0.804 to 0.42)%.