Study the Effect of Mica as Filler in Natural Rubber properties


In the current, Studying the effect of mica upon the characteristics of curing system of natural rubber (NR) rubber has been carried out by using oscillating disk rehometer according to the ASTM D-2084 specification. Results indicate that the addition of cheap material (Mica) to natural rubber in proportions of (4, 8, 12, 16, and 20) % of mica enhanced the hardness, the tensile strength and reometric properties of the rubber. The mix of NR/mica (100: 20) shows promising mechanical properties than other composition. The result showed that the curing time, scorch time and minimum torque decreased with filler content increase therefore the processing time decreased. Also the tensile strength, maximum torque, specific density and hardness advanced with the filler content increase. The hardness developed significantly from (40) to (46) shore (A) when mica content was increased therefore the modulus increased and the elongation decreased. The maximum tensile strength and the minimum wear rate at (10) % of mica.