The Effect of IrrigationWater Quality and MagneticTreatmenton Root Growth Parameters and SpikeWeight for Three Cultivars of Bread Wheat Triticum aestivum L.


An experiment was conducted in potsplastic in a field of Kufa Technical Institute - Kufa/ Najaf governorate during the period from 1/12/2014until 20/4/2015to determine the effect of irrigation water quality and magnetically intensity of roots growth and Spike weigth of three cultivares of bread wheat Triticum aestivum L. The study included three factors,water quality (water river and well water) in the main plots,cultivars (IPA-99,Rashid and Tamouz-2 in the Sub-plots and magnetical traetment intensity (0, 750, 1500, and 3000gauss)in the Sub-sub-plots. Results showed superiority of wheat plants irrigated with river water on average traits under study i.e. root lenght, lateral extension and root dry weight and spike dry weight.Magnetical traetment of irrigation water showed that 1500 gauss was superior in the above traits. The interaction between river water quality and cultivars gave the highest means for the above traits compared to the cultivars irrigated with well water that gave the lowest values. Interaction between river water and its magnetical treatment gave the highest means for root and spike studied parameters with 1500 guass produced highest root and spike studied parameters and the lowest values were with 750 guass. Triple interaction showed significant effect of irrigation with river water that magnetically treated with 1500 guass, for Rashid cultivar plant produced the highest mean of root growth parameters and spike dry weight.