The influence of special training exercises using harmonic technique (fit light) in the development of Some individual reel defensive moves


Include A search on the introduction and the importance of research lies the importance of research in the development of defensive moves by means of new Techniques . As the research problem was due to follow the traditional methods of training the Iraqi teams and defensive moves So the researcher decided to modern technical training experience to perhaps contribute In the development level of the movements of the players on the defensive side in the hope of it to serve the ball Iraqi hand. research and aims to device manufacturing (fit light- training harmonic) and the preparation of exercises using the device and get to know the effect of the device in the development of some defensive moves in addition to the knowledge of the differences between pre and post tests either hypotheses was to use modern technology speeds up the process of raising the level and Technology (fit light- harmonic training) impact Ajaba in the development of defensive moves in addition to the existence of significant differences between pre and post tests The research procedures researcher followed the experimental method and the research sample was chosen the way intentional consisting of 14 players from the municipal sports club where applied them exercise for a month by two days in the week and the time of exercise in the main section after the warm-up directly the presentation and discussion of the results included a presentation and discussion of test defensive moves and demonstrated results and significant differences in favor of the post test concluded researcher presence Fwerk significantly between pre and post tests and that modern technologies have a positive impact In addition, the development of defensive moves are in abundance exercises responding motor speed and researcher recommended that the use of modern technology and the diversity of lighting trends accelerate the process of the evolution of the level and the speed of defensive moves and training many sizes based on scientific development to speed defensive move.