Combining the Attribute Oriented Induction and Graph Visualization to Enhancement Association Rules Interpretation


The important methods of data mining is large andfrom these methods is mining of association rule. The miningof association rule gives huge number of the rules. These hugerules make analyst consuming more time when searchingthrough the large rules for finding the interesting rules. One ofthe solutions for this problem is combing between one of theAssociation rules visualization method and generalizationmethod. Association rules visualization method is graph-basedmethod. Generalization method is Attribute OrientedInduction algorithm (AOI). AOI after combing calls ModifiedAOI because it removes and changes in the steps of thetraditional AOI. The graph technique after combing also callsgrouped graph method because it displays the aggregated thatresults rules from AOI. The results of this paper are ratio ofcompression that gives clarity of visualization. These resultsprovide the ability for test and drill down in the rules orunderstand and roll up.