The effect of the Platform Bonmozj Bybee in constructivist learning some basic skills plane of the ball on the students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science


Summarized the problem of the existence of a lack of research to follow modern constructivist theories that deliver educational and behavioral goals for some practical subjects in physical education curricula, including the material volleyball, this is due to the teachers to follow the traditional methods of teaching, which focuses on conservation and repetition. The aim of this research is to prepare curriculum to conform to the form Bybee to teach my skills bulwark and defense of the stadium volleyball as well as to identify the impact of this curriculum to learn the skills in question. And the research community and appointed may represent the second phase of the students in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science - Dhi Qar University's (46) students from out of (57) for the academic year (2014-2015 AD). After application of the curriculum component (8) and educational modules spread over 4 weeks by two units elite educational week reached a researcher to the most important conclusions of the curriculum proposed manner Bybee positive influence in the education of my skills (bulwark, defending the pitch) Volleyball and recommendations of the most important interest in using this model as one of the modern strategies to assist in learning and encourage those in charge of the educational process in the field of sports and away from the traditional methods that may bring boredom and poor motivation toward learning