Burn Scars Treatment Using Fractional Carbon Dioxide “CO2” Laser


Burns are generally classified into four types: Thermal burns (flame, flash and contact with hot objects), Scald burns (hot fluids), Chemical burns (necrotizing substances like acids and alkali) and Electrical burns (intense heat from an electrical current). Skin burns can leave scar tissue ranging from mild to extensive. This study is an attempt to show the effect of fractional carbon dioxide laser (10.6 µm) as a treatment modality in regard to dose and application parameters to treat post-burn scars in different body regions like face, neck and chest.(31)Patients complaining from post-burn hypertrophic and atrophic scars were examined and treated in Al-Wasity Teaching Hospital from June 2011 to September 2012 using fractional carbon dioxide laser system (ALT). The sites of post-burn scars were: the face, neck, chest and some in the back, upper and lower limbs. After treating patients with fractional CO2 laser, the results are easy and short duration procedure with no or minor complications, very good patients’ response and high satisfaction because of its unique healing properties and depth of penetration. At the end of this study, we found that fractional CO2 laser resurfacing of burn scars proved to be a therapeutic option for the extensive scarring and provides faster healing and recovery than the traditional treatments.