The use of Ultraviolet Ray (UV-C) in the controlling of the Lesser Grain BorerRhyzoperthadominica(Fab.)


The effect of UV-C wavelength of 254 nm and duration exposure 4, 8 and 16 minutes in the life cycle (eggs, larvae, pupae, adults) to insect Rhyzopertha dominica was studied under laboratory conditions.Results of the study showed that UV-C has a significant effect on rates of murder and life cycle of insect R .dominica and its development, which found a direct correlation through increasing rates of murder roles insect rates which increasing a duration exposure to UV-C for each of the eggs and larvae of the first phase, fourth and pupae and adults insect with duration exposure 4, 8 and 16 minutes, as well as the control treatment, where the percentage of murder aforementioned roles 70.67 and 56.63 and 50.00 and 46.67 and 44.00%, respectively, when the duration of exposure 16 minutes while the murder rates in the treatment of 2.63 0.00 and 0.66, and 0.33, and 0.00%, respectively, Also the result showed a significant increase in the amount of roles is a period of growth compared to control treatment, the rise in cases of deformation of emerging adult.